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Your brand, Your Team and Your customers are at risk ! Breachseal provides advanced digital protection through Dark Web Monitoring Services to protect businesses from data leakage and security breaches.

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The Dark Web is a great source of threat intelligence to understand direct or potential threats to your organization. Activity and the chatter in the Dark Web can predict potential attacks and getting insight into this ecosystem is critical to enhance your organization’s overall cyber security posture. Understanding the criminal intent in the Dark Web is difficult as they are not easily accessible through the regular search from the browser, and you need a trusted and proven domain privacy protection solution to navigate. However, many solutions in the market today offer Dark Web monitoring that is hard to parse and difficult to glean actionable insights. Comprehending those complex dashboard and logs require time and effort to determine actionable tasks. Breachseal’s platform for external attack surface management provides the required visibility into these criminal activities and provides security recommendations to mitigate and stay ahead of these threats from third party.

Understanding the Dark Web Monitoring

  • The Dark Web refers to a collection of websites / domain and online platforms that are not indexed by traditional search engines and can only be accessed through special software like Tor.
  • It offers users anonymity and serves as a breeding ground for criminal activities on your domain.
  • It is crucial to understand the structure and dynamics of the Dark Web to effectively monitor and mitigate risks.
  • By continuously monitoring the dark web for leaked data and threats, SOCs can proactively identify and respond to potential security incidents before they impact the organization.

Breachseal's – Dark Web Monitoring

  • Breachseal’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform delivers Dark Web monitoring and digital risk management solutions. It monitors the Dark Web proactively to detect stolen and compromised data that can be used to conduct further criminal activity against your organization’s domain protection from third party supply chain risks.
  • The Breachseal platform keeps an eye on the bad actors by monitoring Dark Web activity that are happening in hidden websites, chat rooms, peer to peer networks, IRC, black market, botnets and much more. The platform has access to >19 Billion records from the Darkweb
  • Uncovering potential vulnerabilities through VAPT is crucial, but for comprehensive security, continuous dark web monitoring acts as an early warning system for exposed data that attackers might exploit.

How Breachseal can help

  • Understand Early Warnings to Targeted Attacks: Get visibility into illicit activity such as malware and underground activity and chatter. Gather threat intelligence across the Dark Web. Breachseal allows organizations to proactively take measures to reduce overall risk on their domain privacy.
  • PII, PHI and Proprietary Information Removal: Is your personal / privacy data or proprietary information circulating on the Dark Web? Be the first to know and get it removed as soon as possible
  • Count on a Team of Experts for Support: Rely on a team of 24X7 Dark Web Monitoring experts who can help you not only monitor your adversaries but offer support as required. Breachseal’s domain security support team will help you parse through the threats and implement strong security controls in response to potential data breaches. Benefit from having an experienced external attack surface management team that is hands-on to help you navigate through the alerts, escalations, and responses.
  • For organizations in regulated industries, security compliance often mandates strong data protection. Dark web monitoring complements these efforts by proactively identifying leaked data, allowing companies to address breaches and fulfill their compliance obligations.

To learn more about how our Dark Web Monitoring Services and solutions can benefit your organization and secure your digital assets from third parties, please reach out to our sales team to schedule a demo and discuss your specific requirements.

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