Continuous risk assessment and monitoring

Our security experts will help to identify & resolve your organization’s risks !!

It is systematic review of security weaknesses & vulnerabilities performed frequently to detect and respond to breaches proactively

It evaluates if the system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels and recommends remediation or mitigation

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Breachseal's Risk Assessment Approach


Kickoff meeting: includes definition of goals, scope and rules of engagement and expected outcomes

Confirmation of scope, rules of engagement, timelines

Requirements Gathering

Collection of detailed information of targeted systems, applications, data flow, functionality and network infrastructure

Gather asset inventory of applications and infrastructure for test, system architecture, network topology and app versions

Assessment Types

Black box Testing: external testing, no knowledge of code/design, threat modeling

Gray box Testing: combination of both black box and white box testing- limited know of internals, insider threat simulation and authenticated testing


Manual Assessments: Expert human testers – analyzing target systems for vulnerabilities, manual exploitation

Automated assessments, using industry standard tools and automated scripts developed inhouse, continuous scan ++


Technical reports includes findings from test, threat levels, impact and recommendation, inhouse VM platform, integration with ticketing system

Retest post confirmation that recommendations are performed by client, compliance certification and final report

VAPT Approach & Offering

Host Assessment

43% of cyberattacks happen at this layer

Conduct comprehensive host-level security assessments

Best practices in server configurations Technology

Perform thorough Firewall Gap analysis

Cover all network components like routers, switches, and firewalls

Cloud & Wireless Assessments/Audit

Perform systematic evaluation of an organization's cloud infrastructure that includes cloud architecture, data storage, internal practices and access controls

Identify weaknesses, misconfigurations, access controls, controls for data encryption and potential threats

Check for vulnerabilities in your network's wireless entry points, WEP encryption

Check for internal and external threats using robust tools and automation scripts

API and Database Assessments/Audit

Perform validation of internal API security that ensures that sensitive data remains protected

Evaluating third-party APIs, in applications or services, check their trustworthiness and minimize potential risks

Validate authentication vulnerabilities, JSON web token-related issues, business logic flaws, injection vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in transport layer encryption (cryptographic issues

Comprehensive DB assessments for authentication and access issues

Application scans and assessments

Conduct assessments by incorporating penetration tests that mimic real-world cyberattacks

Perform red teaming exercises that simulates the current industry best practice

Validate thick clients for memory corruption, program clashes, unauthorized code execution, stack overflow, internal CPU and memory allocation errors

Check for injection vulnerabilities that attackers use to insert malicious commands or code, potentially leading to data breaches or system compromise

Continuous risk assessment process

Initial Reconnaissance

It has two main steps, selection and research of target


The intruder uses certain methods to compromise the target.

Gaining foothold

Maintain foothold of the compromised system by setting up a backdoor so that the machine can be accessed later

Maintain presence

The intruder will install multiple variants of back- door to gain remote access of the environment.

Lateral movement

Intruder expands the exploitation within the same network to gather more information. If intercepted motive of hacker is exposed

Internal Recon

Escalate privileges

Intruder will obtain a higher level access to the compromised machine by multiple methods to gain administrator privileges

Mission complete

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