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Malware is a software designed to damage or disable computers and computer networks.

Ransomware encrypts and disables systems. Hackers demand ransom in return for decryption/enablement

Phishing is the most common cybersecurity threat in which the user is made to disclose/provide PII information.

Password attacks bypasses or exploits authentication to gain system/file access.

Man-in-the middle attackers insert themselves during data transfers and relay out the information

SQL injection attacks involve inserting a malicious SQL query, during data access requests

Denial-of-service attacks cause legitimate users to be unable to access systems or devices.

Insider threat involves internal users accessing unauthorized information and misusing the data

Is your head spinning looking at multiple dashboards, managing disjointed security products and worried about regulatory compliance

Breachseal's solution provides comprehensive security, ease of operations and regulatory compliance

The statistics from leading publications and research groups suggest non-action is not an option.


SMB having no security plan


No cyber sec personnel


No incident response plan



Experienced an attack


Fear of attack


Attacks target SMB



End up paying ransomware


Business shut post attack


Lost critical data


We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to customer needs

What others have to say

Arun Rau

Sr. Director, Tanla Platforms

“ Risk management, IT security, & data protection are the top priorities for any enterprise, especially for the small and medium businesses where IT budgets are limited. These enterprises however have a lot customer data and other sensitive information that needs to be protected. Breachseal security services are customizable to deliver maximum value ”

Vasu Deshpande

CEO, Easylib

“ As a small business, we didn't think we could afford top-notch cybersecurity services. But based on our conversations with Breachseal Technologies it is clear that they have right set of services that will meet our needs of protecting our network and data in a cost effective manner ”

Dinesh Sastry

Sr. Director, Oracle

“ Cybersecurity is a real threat - the solutions in the marketplace are intimidating for many small and medium enterprises. Breachseal has a number of well thought out solutions to address the market needs. ”


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