Continuous risk assessment and monitoring

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It is systematic review of security weaknesses & vulnerabilities performed frequently to detect and respond to breaches proactively

It evaluates if the system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels and recommends remediation or mitigation

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Gain visibility into security gaps

Test effectiveness of security controls

Justify and prioritize the security budget

Meet compliance objectives

Reduce entry points for attack

Types of vulnerability assessments

Host assessment

The assessment of critical servers and systems

Network & wireless assessment

The assessment of policies and practices to prevent una-uthorized access to private or public

Database assessment

The assessment of databases or big data systems for vulner-abilities and misconfigurations

Application scans

The identification of security vulnerabilities in web applications and source code


Continuous risk assessment process

Initial Reconnaissance

It has two main steps, selection and research of target


The intruder uses certain methods to compromise the target.

Gaining foothold

Maintain foothold of the compromised system by setting up a backdoor so that the machine can be accessed later

Maintain presence

The intruder will install multiple variants of back- door to gain remote access of the environment.

Lateral movement

Intruder expands the exploitation within the same network to gather more information. If intercepted motive of hacker is exposed

Internal Recon

Escalate privileges

Intruder will obtain a higher level access to the compromised machine by multiple methods to gain administrator privileges

Mission complete

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